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Summarising 2017

The first period of the project is soon coming to an end and we can look back on an eventful year. Notable outcomes after the first year of the project include the first milestone demonstration of the project in simulation, as well as a public release of the open-source software components. Dissemination-wise, the project has been present and presented at…
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Second integration week

On September 18-22 we had our second integration sprint, hosted by University of Lincoln/NCFM, bringing together ILIAD's software developers from the different partners, in preparation of the project's first milestone. The rather ambitious goal for Milestone 1 is demonstrate in simulation, already now, an early version of all relevant components that will be included in the final use-case demonstration, and to put the overall system…
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Several new papers accepted for publication

We've recently had four papers accepted for presentation in the upcoming IROS 2017 and ITSC 2017 conferences. The topics of these works relate to improvements to the scan matching algorithms used by robots to build maps and localise, a novel way for robots to recognise what kind of place they are in, and more agile manoeuvering. Zaganadis et al. have developed a scan matching algorithm that partitions 3D scans from the environment…
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IROS 2017 workshop on Introspective Methods for Reliable Autonomy

We will be organising a workshop on Introspective Methods for Reliable Autonomy at the IROS 2017 conference in September. The aim of this workshop is to provide a forum for discussing possible answers to the question of how to assess the quality of a robot's operation and how to alter their behaviour based on this information. These issues are at the core…
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End-user site visits

ILIAD partners visited two distribution centres near Birmingham for end-user requirements elicitation and planning for the final demonstrators. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id="7" gal_title="Site visit 2017-05"]
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ERF workshop on long-term operation

ILIAD co-organised a workshop with the title "Robust and long term operation of robotics for Logistics and Transport" at the European Robotics Forum in Edinburgh with the euRobotics Topic Group on Robots for Logistics and Transport, together with members from the STRANDS and SafeLog consortia. Workshop web site
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