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ACT Operations Research IT specializes in advanced decision support systems by standing on optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control expertise built on the breadth of skills within its cross-engineering background team; their products are based on a strong scientific foundation. ACT Operations Research IT’s name and brand is familiar to large organizations of complex processes and large-scale systems. They include a gamut of reputable customers including Global 2000 and listed corporations of manufacturing and services’ vertical markets. Company core-competences includes: math optimization and statistical forecasting; discrete event dynamic simulation; software design and implementation; plant automation and control.

In the last 15 years, ACT have been delivering “process innovation” integrating last-generation algorithms as well as proprietary, reliable and fast optimization engines working in synch with the life cycle of such niche industry. Also, we develop engineering of control and process automation solutions lifting productivity and reaching safe and efficient results. Company cross-engineering background team includes:

  • Algorithm and Modelling Engineering Specialists on operations research, optimization, simulation, statistical, decision and control theory techniques and methodologies. They are capable to couple programming with commercial expertise on math, simulation and statistical-based software market;
  • Control System Engineering Specialists on automation and process control, plants’ safety, data analysis methodologies including simulation, control theory and industrial process optimization. They master the fundamentals of control and safety systems including programming environment and software development languages to support process design.

Providing innovative solutions for optimization, simulation, forecasting and process control, based on powerful tools, state-of-art methods and sophisticated models, ACT Operations Research IT adopt last generation technologies for decision making support and dynamic process control to innovate the way operations research, statistics and control theory leverage factories and plants performance.

Key people

  • Giuseppe Confessore: PI
  • Maria Caracciolo
  • Ludovica Maccarone
  • Jong Woon Kang

Role in the project

ACT will focus and contribute to the following activities: Support in defining the industrial requirements for the fleet management (WP5), Support in defining the industrial requirements for Picking and Palletising (WP6) and Identification of main problems in existing warehouses in order to support the project requirements definition (WP7); design and development of a simulation model in order to evaluate the project’s solution in a discrete event simulation environment to tune the parameters and the management rules before to test the same in a real industrial scenario.