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Örebro University is home to the Center for Applied Autonomous Sensor Systems (AASS), which organizes research and graduate studies in robotics and artificial intelligence. AASS comprises three labs, of which the Mobile Robotics and Olfaction (MRO) and the Cognitive Robotic System (CRS) labs are involved the ILIAD project. Major themes are 3D perception, navigation, human-robot interaction, mobile robot olfaction (gas sensing), machine learning, and lifelong learning by autonomous systems, demonstrated through long-term experiments in robot-environment interaction, and aiming to establish the necessary representations and algorithms for continuous operation of autonomous systems in a dynamic environment.

Key people

  • Achim J Lilienthal: Project Coordinator, PI
  • Martin Magnusson: Scientific Manager
  • Lina Windh: Administrative Project Manager
  • Federico Pecora: Senior Researcher
  • Henrik Andreasson: Senior Researcher
  • Todor Stoyanov: Senior Researcher
  • Robert Krug: Senior Researcher
  • João Salvado: PhD Student
  • Daniel Adolfsson: PhD Student
  • Chittaranjan Swaminathan: PhD Student
  • Dinh-Cuong Hoang: PhD Student

Role in the project

Professor Achim J Lilienthal is coordinating the project. The researchers involved in ILIAD from AASS have substantial expertise and track record in fleet coordination, efficient mapping of large-scale environments, and rich 3D perception.

As coordinator of the project, Örebro University will naturally be involved in the management and dissemination work packages (WP8, WP9). We will substantially contribute to the work on mapping and localisation for effortless deployment and long-term operation (WP1 and WP2), and fleet management (WP5). We will also bring in novel sensor modalities for detecting humans (WP3). Based on previous work on integrated control and planning for manipulation, Örebro can also contribute to manipulation (WP6), and will contribute to system integration aspects (WP7), leveraging previous experience from previous and ongoing international and national projects.