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Through world class knowledge in motion, industry leading quality, and 50 years of proven performance in driverless control technology, Kollmorgen Automation AB delivers breakthrough driverless control solutions and services unmatched in performance, reliability and ease-of-use, giving AGV suppliers an irrefutable marketplace advantage.

Key people

  • Patrik Silverby: PI, Senior Researcher
  • Milica Bijelovic
  • Joacim Johannesson

Role in the project

Kollmorgen Automation will be active as a technology provider and system integrator. They will supply the consortium with both small- and large-scale trucks with a state of the art integrated control system to facilitate system tests in realistic scenarios. Kollmorgen Automation’s system will be used as ground truth. They will also help exposing the ILIAD system to other markets through their leading role in AGV technology for intra-logistics.