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Since its opening by Her Majesty the Queen in 1996, the University of Lincoln (UoL) has enjoyed a meteoric rise up the university league tables and has established an international reputation for the quality of its research and teaching. The share of national research funding awarded to the University of Lincoln has recently doubled following a major review of research standards across the UK’s universities (Research Excellence Framework 2014). This is one of the largest increases in the UK higher education sector. Within the University’s College of Science, Lincoln was placed second out of 29 institutions across the UK for the quality of its research outputs in the subject area of Agriculture, Veterinary and Food Science. Two research centres from the College of Science at UoL are participating in ILIAD, namely the Lincoln Centre for Autonomous Systems Research (L-CAS) and the National Centre for Food Manufacturing (NCFM).

Key people

  • Tom Duckett: PI
  • Marc Hanheide
  • Grzegorz Cielniak
  • Mark Swainson
  • Nima Shafii
  • Sergi Molina
  • Li Sun

Role in the project

The main role of the UoL team in ILIAD is coordination of activities on long-term operation in WP2. The team’s expertise on long-term mapping and spatio-temporal representations for mapping, planning and search will be exploited in ILIAD. The team will contribute to all development tasks in WP2 and to task T3.4 on human-robot interaction in WP3. UoL’s experience in system integration gained through work on related EU projects will be employed for the integration and deployment activities in WP7. The team’s unique expertise in food manufacturing and professional links with the food industry will be exploited in dissemination activities (WP9). In addition, UoL will also contribute to project management (WP8).