WRAPP-Up: A Dual-Arm Robot for Intralogistics

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Manolo Garabini, Danilo Caporale, Vinicio Tincani, Alessandro Palleschi, Chiara Gabellieri, Marco Gugliotta, Alessandro Settimi, Manuel G. Catalano, Giorgio Grioli, Lucia Pallottino
WRAPP-Up: A Dual-Arm Robot for Intralogistics
IEEE Robotics & Automation Magazine – October 2020




The diffusion of the e-commerce has produced larger and larger volumes of different items to be handled in warehouses, with the effect to increase the need for picking automation. Conventionally, automation can be achieved through a custom plant in case of large scale productions where the items have well-known characteristics that are expected to change slowly and little over time. However, today the challenge is to realize a solution that is flexible enough to handle goods with different shapes, sizes, physical properties, and grasping modes. To solve this problem we first analyzed how humans perform picking and then synthesized their behavior in four main tactics. These have been used as guidelines for the design, the planning and the control of WRAPP-up: a dual arm robot composed of two anthropomorphic manipulators, a Pisa/IIT SoftHand and a Velvet Tray. The system has been validated and evaluated through extensive experimental tests.


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